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Have you ever forgotten to add a service to a customers bill? Missed charging for extras? Have your staff?
But worse...would you ever know?

Service/s (Add)

You can now add-as-you-go and never forget to add a service or treatment, and therefore, never lose money again.

Welcome to Glo!

Glo! is a system that works with Platinum Database Software to allow everyone to do the more common tasks
via their smart devices like phones and tablets.

It works in any browser and so can be used by mobile devices, computers and anything you can view web pages on.

This demonstration site shows both Glo! and iBook (The Internet Booking System) but if you are not yet using Platinum you can download the full trial system here.

Important: Your demo Appointments will be reset each day but your test customer's names
           and 'Internet Booking Login' will remain.
           Because you can be looking at the demo at any time of day, the Appointments are set to 11pm so they will always display.

Click here for the Demo or for other new features and offers see here.

Please read our business-crucial and important warning here.